6th Sep - 8th Sep, 2024!
6th Sep - 8th Sep, 2024!

What is FurJAM?

FurJAM is a large annual event held in Sydney, Australia. The next FurJAM is in 2024

Starting in 2004 as a one day meet, it has since grown - encompassing a full weekend and multiple venues rolled into one big social event.

From a few beers at the pub, to its famous Saturday BBQ; FurJAM is all about social networking, relaxing and having a lot of fun.

Wanna know more about the organisers? They're over here!

Want to contact us? We’re all over the place!

If you’d like to chat about specifics, we can also be reached at furjam.team@gmail.com.


Hi guys! If you have a question you'd like to ask, see the below Frequently Asked Questions to see if they match to your query. If not, feel free to email us your question!

  • Q: Why is registration required?

    FurJAM as an event has grown larger and larger over the last few years. After running into certain issues it was decided that we needed an official count that not only helps us gauge our numbers correctly, but allows us to easily work out shirt orders and food for the BBQ. It also gives us an easy reference for emergency situations, is a method of protection from people “ghosting” (turning up and claiming that they’re you), and makes the rules and regulations binding and fair to all.

  • Q: And what’s the deal with prepayment? I prefer just paying at the door!

    The option of a prepay scheme has been discussed by the organisers, and was agreed on for a few reasons. First of all, due to growing numbers we’ve had to handle an increasing amount of cash, which not only has been a security risk but also a nightmare to organise and keep track of.

    Secondly, since all payments have been taken on the day, it has been up to the organisers to fund the costs of the event out of their own pockets up until now, some of us investing over $1000 and hoping that with tickets sales and donations that we’ll get our money back. This is stressful to say the least, and in some cases we’ve been lucky to get back the money we have spent only due to the generosity of a few of our attendees.

    Lastly, due to us getting more and more people coming to FurJAM (you all rock for doing so btw) we’ve had to start finding larger and better venues to host our events. This is Sydney. Finding an event area that’s centralised and easy to get to is neither easy nor cheap. It requires paying costs up front, promising minimum spends and even agreeing to penalty payments if not enough people show up. The bigger the event, the bigger the risk, and prepayment gives us a little security regarding this.

    Having a prepayment makes it fair for all, everyone pays for what they get, and we use that money to make sure you have fun.

  • Q: What if I want to come to the BBQ and not register? I can still go for free right?

    The park is a public place. We won’t stop you from coming along if you believe you can’t afford a fee less than the cost of a McDonalds value meal. However you will not be invited to eat at the BBQ, you will be expected to provide your own drinks and you will not be able to use the fursuit change room facilities. You will not be considered or counted as part of FurJAM, and if you cause trouble the police will be called.

  • Q: What if I just turn up and ask to pay at the door at a night event?

    You’ll be asked to leave, simple as that. If you don’t, venue security or the police will regrettably be called in to deal with the issue.

  • Q: Are you guys a con now? Pre-rego and prepayment is a con thing!

    No we are not a con, we have no plans to be a con. Australia already has enough official conventions, so we’re happy to stay an official not-a-convention.

    As stated, pre-registration and prepayment are simply ways to make the event easier to organise and fairer to all involved.

  • Q: Do I need a fursuit to attend FurJAM?

    No. While Fursuits can be fun and super cute, you don't need one to enjoy FurJAM! Nobody has ever needed a fursuit to participate in FurJAM or any event/convention Australia-wide.

    If you do plan to come in suit, make sure you check our home page and Events page to find out which places are fursuit friendly and what fursuit-related activities will be on. Of course, you should use common sense and dress appropriately for the events otherwise. (Sunscreen, hat, correct shoes, etc)

  • Q: Can I wear my pup-hood at FurJAM?

    Yes! Generally, if you can wear ears and tail to an event/space then you can wear a pup-hood as well!

    We ask that you use common sense and dress appropriately for the events that you wear them to. Street-appropriate clothing (shirt, adequate skin-coverage) is expected at the park and encouraged during Saturday's night event as under 18's may be present (if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)!

  • Q: How do I order a hat? Or how do I change my order?

    Pretty simple. You can order a FurJAM hat through our RegFox page! Just click the 'Add Item' button next to the FurJAM Hat in the Merchandise section. If you get your order wrong email us at furjam.team@gmail.com and we’ll set things straight for you.

  • Q: Is there a time limit to register? I’m indecisive and leave things to the last minute!

    If you want a hat or one of the cool badges we’ll be revealing soon, then yes there is a time limit. Hat cut off date is on the Friday on the second week of August, badges not too long after so get in now people!

    As of 2019 we are also adding an extra $5 to our standard rego a month before the event, so don't leave it to the last minute!

  • Q: I’m an artist and I generally only go to events if there’s a dealer's den, will I be able to sell my art at FurJAM?

    Unfortunately, as we are not permitted to allow sales or transactions of any kind to occur at our events without express permission from the NSW Government, we are not able to cater to artists hoping to sell wares or merchandise while at FurJAM.

  • Q: Can I has free rego?

    Please find our answer!

  • Q: I have a question that isn't here. Where can I get help?

    You can reach out to @Foxdale, @kat_aclysm, @Tallow or @EVILM0J0 on Telegram or email us at furjam.team@gmail.com.

And with that... it’s over to you guys. Questions can be replied to on any of our social media pages or by contacting us at furjam.team@gmail.com.


Here’s a brief history of FurJAM - all the years we’ve been around, since the very beginning.

  •   FurJAM 2023

    FurJAM started to explore new places this year, venturing out to Parramatta to hold our Friday Night pub meet at Club Parramatta! While the reliable Cahill Park and accompanying Novotel were quite a distance away, that didn't discourage anyone from having a good time with games, grooves and g-... prizes! FurJAM was also proud to facilitate Johari in their announcement of Floof Doof, a new furry group dedicated to hosting DJs and Dances throughout NSW and Australia!

  •   FurJAM 2022

    After the struggle of the COVID pandemic that shut down furry events state-wide, FurJAM was keen to get back into the swing of things! Returning to old favourites like the Harlequin Inn, Cahill Park and the Rowers on Cooks, over 300 furs showed up just to have a good time after the long drought of social events!

  •   FurJAM 2021

    With COVID continuing to stop FurJAM from running, we decided to host an online event for the weekend showcasing local talents and providing a place for the community to gather for the weekend online.

  •   FurJAM 2020

    COVID happened, and we believed the most responsible thing to do was not run FurJAM these years. Keeping our fellow furs safe is more important!

  •   FurJAM 2019

    Following up from 2018, we all returned to our roots, with trash being our theme for 2019's TrashJAM, a true low budget event! Art for the T-Shirt was provided by Chel (a lovely local artist!). This was the year that the FurJAM team were proud to announce that the following year (2020) would be the first year of a new convention running in July called "Aurawra".

    We broke our previous record for attendees to the point where we capped out the capacity at the Rowers Club at 240 people with a total of over 300 people over the course of the weekend!

  •   FurJAM 2018

    This year stayed true to past events, returning to the same venues, all of who were happy to have us again. The staff at the Rowers Club were especially taken by us and all the colourful and wonderful suits that showed up. The shirt design this year was especially popular, featuring a variety of Australian birdlife, the theme we chose. Thanks to all the Laughing Kookaburra, Swooping Magpies and Regal Bin Chickens that showed up!

    We smashed our registration numbers this year with over 275 people registering in total, and almost 200 rocking up to the Rowers Club! Amazing! We can’t wait to see you all again next year!

  •   FurJAM 2017

    After a big move last year, we at FJ decided to ramp it up again with another new Saturday night location. While the Rowers Club is a much smaller venue, they provided us with free drinks and food, while also providing an amazing view over the water. The Saturday night featured games on a projector, the largest raffle we have done (thank you to donors), and our resident Dragon DJ administering sick beats for fursuit dancing.

    The rest of the weekend stayed true to past events and locations and over 150 furries once again attended to hang out and have fun with their fellow anthro lovers. Another huge success.

  •   FurJAM 2016

    For the first time ever and due to record numbers the previous year, FurJAM this year began to look into expanding to larger venues for its attendees. While it was a gamble to add much larger expenses, the organisers were amazed when the final tally came to 247 registered attendees (not including minors), a truly wonderful show of support from the Australian furry community! The ever popular Harlequin Inn was the destination for Friday night party goers, followed by an all new riverside venue for Saturday’s infamous BBQ.

    Cahill Park proved a good choice and quickly gained widespread approval from attendees. The main event was held at the Mercure Sydney International Airport Hotel on Saturday Night, with a massive ballroom and dance floor, open plan bar, chill out area for gaming and relaxation and possibly the largest headless lounge of any Australian event!

    Sunday rounded off the year with a return to the Palace Hotel for farewell drinks and M9 Laser Tag and Bowling for those with the energy for a last hurrah for FurJAM 2016.

  •   FurJAM 2015

    This was the first year FurJAM introduced a new Pre-registration system and although tentative to start, the organisers were pleasantly surprised by how easily the community embraced the concept, with a mammoth 224 registrations by the end of the event and a new and improved FurJAM website!

    Once again, we were hosted by Harlequin Inn on Friday night and returned to Sydney Park on Saturday for a massive BBQ. Saturday Night saw us at the King Street Brewhouse in prime position on Darling Harbour, and after Sunday’s choose your own adventure day, furries made their way the the Helm Bar in Darling Harbour for a few last drinks and a farewell to FurJAM 2015.

  •   FurJAM 2014

    This year saw the Friday night event shift to the Harlequin Inn in Pyrmont, who graciously gave up their entire top floor for FurJAM revellers, and after a quiet start were pleasantly surprised when by 10pm the bar was packed by close to 170 furs!

    The following day, furs once again descended on Sydney Park for the all important BBQ and fursuiting, and then made their way to Mascot to the Saturday night venue, the Manhattan Bowling centre. What followed was the first ever FurJAM bowling competition followed by a night of good pizza, dancing and games.

    Sunday was the first year the choose your own adventure day was trialled, with some furs opting to lie in and reflect on partying the previous night away and others simply enjoying Sydney or hitting up the MTG comp and games day in Roseville.

    Finally, events were brought to an end at the Palace Hotel in the very heart of Sydney with a quiet drink and a few farewells.

  •   FurJAM 2013

    The Occidental this year was cram packed, everybody packing in to meet and enjoy each others company, once again absolutely destroying the minimum spend.

    A huge shaking up of locations didn’t stop a big showing of furry bodies to Sydney Park on saturday morning either, for a day of fun and games in the sun!

    Following that, everyone made their way to this years' - albeit rough at first - saturday night location, Marrickville Bowling club, where everyone enjoyed a bistro dinner followed by some games and dance.

    Brushing off the dust from the night before, a few came on sunday to bowl and relax on darling harbour before the entire weekend was wrapped up at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel for a night of free pool, drinking and balcony farewells.

  •   FurJAM 2012

    120 furs crammed into the ESLC for FurJAM’s 8th year, making it another record breaking attendance!

    Also, the best display of fursuit dancing endurance, with 2 hours of non stop rave. But not before we packed The Occidental on friday night. Then following that up with a huge day of suiting and the traditional bbq at the park.

    All in all, another relaxed meet, greet and catch up for Sydney’s furry community. Not forgetting a few cold beers on the side!

  •   FurJAM 2011

    With a record breaking 100 attendees from around Australia, this year’s FurJAM got off to a flying start. Highlights such as a huge night at Forresters Pub where everyone smashed the minimum spend made this FurJAM one of the best seen so far.

    Once again Saturday this year, we descended upon Centennial Park in numbers, with fursuiters surprising onlookers and fellow park goers. Through heavy rain at the end of the day, everyone quickly made their annual journey to ESLC. Dancing, music, games and some classic stand-up from Anthrax was all had in generous amounts.

    Sunday then started with a Scavenger hunt. After which we all met up and walked to The Docks for a meal and a few last drinks.

  •   FurJAM 2010

    Another FurJAM followed through successfully for this year organised by Ray Liehm with some assistance from the community.

    A gathering for a booked room at the Rose began the enticing weekend from within a calm and friendly atmosphere. The weekend rocked off with fun and games in Centennial Park with a cooked lunch followed by the numbers flowing into ESLC for some dinner, fursuiting, card games and even raving. Sunday was committed to some morning laser tag, a successful and adventurous scavenger hunt, and some drinks and dinner at the docks, all based at Darling Harbour.

  •   FurJAM 2009

    The 2009 FurJAM meet was again organised by Aussie Husky, and saw the development of an improved website.

    Events included ten-pin bowling in Darling Harbour, dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks, a trip to Taronga Zoo and a room party at the University of New South Wales.

    The meet was well received by attendees, and proceeding without major incident despite several earlier organisational disruptions, including the loss of all website registrations in the previous June.

  •   FurJAM 2008

    In 2008 Alexander initially began planning events but with little time left and suffering from personal issues AussieHusky stepped in and finished planning the event. 2008 saw other changes with FurJAM shirts and badges available to attendees.

    Events included LazerForce, Ferry Trips, Manly Aquarium, Water Slides and a picnic in Centennial park with cooking and art competitions, FurJAM’08 had just over 60 attendees.

  •   FurJAM 2007

    After Flaydramon and Anakaine decided not to organise FurJAM’07 AussieHusky stepped in and began planning altering the layout of the event to match other Australian meets by making it a three day event.

    Events included Taronga Zoo, Newtown Food Festival, a tour of The Rocks, and a picnic in the Botanical Gardens with just over 40 attendees.

  •   FurJAM 2006

    FurJAM did not occur this year, Flaydramon and Anakaine initially began planning but due to personal commitments had to withdraw from the event.

  •   FurJAM 2005

    Once again FurJAM was organised by RubberFox and Anakaine, It to was a one day event and saw a total of 70 attendees.

  •   FurJAM 2004

    Originally a one day event organised by Anakaine and RubberFox, FurJAM’04 had 46 attendees with events including Paddy’s Markets, The Rocks and Darling Harbour with the evening ending at RubberFoxes house.